BMW E36 ABS Hub Spacers for E34 half shafts

Spacers for using E34 hubs in E36. These hubs will compensate for the extra bearing thickness in the E34 vs E36, and at the same time retain the OEM E36 ABS functionality.

BMW E36 CAN-based GearDisplay

Gear indicator with various features depending on application. Fully tailored to suit your needs regarding CAN-addressing, other information displays etc.

BMW M5x/S5x DCT Flywheel kit

A kit for mounting the GS7D36SG-transmission to a M50/M52/M54/M57/S50/S52/S54 engine. OEM starter motor can be used, no welding required.

BMW M54B30 throttle body adapter plate for M50 intake manifold

Does what the title says. For adapting an M54B30 DBW-throttle on a M50B25 intake manifold.

BMW DCT Controller (not yet released)

Controller for interfacing the OEM BMW DCT TCU (Transmission Control Unit) to any aftermarket or OEM ECU. Uses OEM TCU via CAN-Bus, so no modification of transmission needed.

CAN-bus PWM-module (not yet released)

CAN-bus based PWM-module for controlling of fans, fuel pumps etc. 40A maximum current. Outputs realtime values (voltage, frequency, amperage, duty cycle etc) on CAN-bus.